Businesses aim to optimize brand value, maximize quality and lower costs.
A well designed Global Capability Center (GCC) delivers process-driven value by off-shoring select functions to a talent-rich geography.
GCCs can generate savings up to 45%


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India - A Hub for Global Capability Centers
Why are half the world’s GCCs based in India? 
  • ~250% Growth in the number of GCCs in India in 10 years
  • Access to a global, highly skilled workforce
  • Rapid Digitization
  • Dedicated Infrastructure​​
GCC Value Realization Journey
Businesses have benefited from GCC’s

Centers of Excellence

Essential value driver for any organization, COE’s can strategize and manage critical functions of the organizations autonomously.

Strategic support to parent group

Diversification can lead to dissonance in the network of companies and subsidiaries, a GCC can a complex organization while sustaining the individuality of entities.

Analytic Service

From demand forecasting to supply chain optimization a data driven GCC can feel finely cultivated knowledge to the organization

Compliance Monitor

Global organizations have to navigate through a web of complex compliance and governance framework, GCC help centralize this process and identify co-dependencies in the compliance framework.

Staff Augmentation

Erratic demand and supply cycles are a trait of any growing business, a GCC can create surplus staff at optimal cost that can help absorb the uncertainty of the markets.

Data Centers

Organizations need central data centers that can provide access to integrated data without compromising on confidentiality and maintaining the complex data privacy issues. A GCC can enable this function to provide seamless data streams across geographies.

The right partner helps you build a GCC that goes beyond its traditional delivery role and acts as a strategic enabler for your business
Think Nexdigm…
  • Strategic Advisory - Identifying Processes and Location
  • Defining Entity Structure and Engagement Model
  • Execution Support - Entity, Infrastructure, and Team Set Up 
  • Governance and Compliance Framework
  • Change Management
  • Ongoing Operations 
  • Addition of Upstream and Downstream Processes
  • Efficiency Enhancement - Process Mapping and Re-engineering
  • Quality Management and Improvement
  • Digital Transformation
  • Center of Excellence Set Up
  • Governance and Compliance Monitoring
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Data Privacy and Security

Information Security Management System
under ISO 27001:2013

Personal Information Management System
under BS 10012
Quality Management

Quality Management System
under ISO 9001:2015​
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